Piosenki 2017: 40-21



40. Stockholm Noir feat. Ofelia – Boy Like A Girl Posłuchaj
I might be a dream when I dream of you.

39. DJ Seinfeld – U Hold Me Without Touch Posłuchaj
I just made it because I was watching Seinfeld a lot after a break up.

38. Pumarosa – Dragonfly Posłuchaj
If you could read some of my mind would you stay until the last line then we could scream our souls into the dark night.

37. All We Are – Human Posłuchaj
What’s truth, what lies? What lies beneath what cries?

36. Postiljonen – Crazy Posłuchaj
Baby, we were crazy ones, no one told us, we might be in love.

35. Heaven – It’s Not Enough Posłuchaj
You lost the touch, baby, so keep it hush tonight.

34. Bravestation – Up For You Posłuchaj
Follow you to nowhere, follow you to hell, I wonder where you’re going.

33. Anna of the North – Someone Posłuchaj
I am looking for another lover, I need someone who understands me.

32. The War On Drugs – Holding On Posłuchaj
Never meant to bring my pain into the front and into your life.

31. Tei Shi – Keep Running Posłuchaj
Every time I look over my shoulder I’m getting older.

30. Forest Swords – The Highest Flood Posłuchaj
I’m always fascinated in the idea that maybe changing a note or changing a beat can completely change the intention of the song or melody.

29. Paloma Faith – Guilty Posłuchaj
And I got the scars, if you’re talking ’bout hurt in this love, baby, I’m guilty as hell.

28. Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending Posłuchaj
Cirrus caress you, cumulus kiss you, raindrops of crystal, whisper “we’ll miss you”.

27. King Krule – Dum Surfer Posłuchaj
As venus completes orbit, I’m feeling slightly mashed, the stir fry didn’t absorb it, I need another slash.

26. Miguel – Pineapple Skies Posłuchaj
Got you dancing on the song, why you do it like that?

25. Wolf Alice – Don’t Delete The Kisses Posłuchaj
When I see you, the whole world reduces to just that room.

24. Patience – White Of An Eye Posłuchaj
Have’t seen them for a while, a fear, a lie, a smile.

23. Ariel Pink – Another Weekend Posłuchaj
Feel a body, warm and close behind me I turn around, but you are not there.

22. Mondo Grosso – ラビリンス Posłuchaj
見つめないで 哀しい方を 目を瞑って 口づけしよう 甘く溶けるメロディー

21. Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit – If We Were Vampires Posłuchaj
If we were vampires and death was a joke we’d go out on the sidewalk and smoke laugh at all the lovers and their plans.



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