Miesiąc w muzyce: styczeń 2024 (piosenki)



Fabiana Palladino – Stay With Me Through The Night
7”, 2024
Try this!



The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Your Worst Song Is Your Greatest Hit
Unwishing Well LP, 2024
Try this!



Erika de Casier – Lucky
Still LP, 2024
Try this!


RÓWNIEŻ POLECANE W TYM MIESIĄCU (kolejność trochę przypadkowa, trochę nie)

Bullion feat. Carly Rae Jepsen – Rare (Affection LP) Try this!
[sophisti electro pop] [80s vibes]

Close Talker – From Dark To Lightness (The Sprawl LP) Try this!
[indie pop/rock] [americana]

Abigail Rose – Run Girl (7”) Try this!
[folkowy pop] [Fleetwood Mac vibes]

Mali Obomsawin & Magdalena Abrego – Believer (7”) Try this!
[posępny pop/rock] [muzyka gitarowa]

The Lemon Twigs – My Golden Years (7”) Try this!
[retro pop] [60s vibes]

Natascha Polké – Poison Of Choice (7”) Try this!
[electro pop] [muzyka nocna]

Arab Strap – Bliss (7”) Try this!
[pop/rock] [mrocznie]

Kacy Hill – Listen To You (7”) Try this!
[pop] [subtelnie]

Julia Holter – Spinning (Something In The Room She Moves LP) Try this!
[eksperymentalnie] [muzyka artystyczna]

Rachel Chinouriri – Never Need Me (What A Devastating Turn of Events LP) Try this!
[pop] [przebojowo]

Bodega – Tarkovski (Our Brand Could Be Yr Life LP) Try this!
[college rock] [90s vibes]

The Last Dinner Party – Caesar On A TV Screen (Prelude To Ecstasy LP) Try this!
[indie pop/rock] [muzyka teatralna]

Jamie xx – It’s So Good (7”) Try this!
[muzyka elektroniczna] [nowe brzmienia]

Lola Young – Wish You Were Dead (7”) Try this!
[rebel pop/rock] [zaczepnie]

Sleater Kinney – Untidy Creature (Little Rope LP) Try this!
[rock] [charyzmatycznie]

Chelsea Wolfe – Everything Turns Blue (She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She LP) Try this!
[cięższe brzmienia] [muzyka nocna]

Still Corners – The Dream (Dream Talk LP) Try this!
[electro pop] [muzyka wieczorna]

Bleachers – Tiny Moves (7”) Try this!
[pop/rock] [przebojowo]

Morgan Saint – End Of Time (7”) Try this!
[minimalistyczne r’n’b] [subtelnie]

Norah Jones – Running (Visions LP) Try this!
[muzyka łagodna] [subtelnie]

Coals – Nowy Świat (7”) Try this!
[nowe brzmienia] [muzyka miejska]

The Vaccines – Discount De Kooning (Last One Standing) (Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations LP) Try this!
[indie pop/rock] [chwytliwie]

Phosphorescent – Revelator (Revelator LP) Try this!
[americana] [nastrojowo]

Goth Babe – Sadie (Lola LP) Try this!
[chillwave] [summer vibes]

Sheer Mag – Moonstruck (Playing Favorites LP) Try this!
[retro pop/rock] [70s vibes]

Justin Timberlake – Selfish (7”) Try this!
[pop] [r’n’b]

Ariana Grande – yes, and? (7”) Try this!
[pop] [muzyka taneczna]

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