Miesiąc w Muzyce: luty 2011 (piosenki)


Paul Frick feat. Emika – I Mean
7”, 2011
Try this!


Jensen Sportag – Jareaux
Pure Wet EP, 2011
Try this!


Jamie xx – Far Nearer
7”, 2011
Try this!


RÓWNIEŻ POLECANE W TYM MIESIĄCU (kolejność trochę przypadkowa, trochę nie)

CunninLynguists feat. Rick Warren – Stars Shine Brightest (In The Darkest Of Night) (7”) Try this!
[hip hop] [Kno]

Rainbow Arabia – Without You (Boys And Diamonds LP) Try this!
[indie pop] [electro lo-fi]

Jacques Greene – Tell Me (Kingdom Edit) (The Look EP) Try this!
[post dubstep] [muzyka klubowa]

Blouse – Into Black (7”) Try this!
[80s revival] [gotycki klimat]

Mount Pleasant – Florida (The Aztecs LP) Try this!
[post chillwave] [electro pop]

Architecture In Helsinki – Contact High (Moment Bends LP) Try this!
[electro pop] [Aussie]

Summer Camp – I Want You (7”) Try this!
[indie pop] [retro pop]

Jamie Woon – Lady Luck (Mirrorwriting LP) Try this!
[electro pop] [chłopiec od Buriala]

Hard Mix – Eye Contact (7”) Try this!
[chillwave] [sampling]

FaltyDL – Hip Love (7”) Try this!
[post dubstep] [muzyka klubowa]

Konnichiwa – Maiden China (Visions LP) Try this!
[chillwave] [80sowe wspomnienie]

Tiffany Paige – such:a:challenge (self released) Try this!
[soul] [r’n’b]

Nite Jewel – It Goes Through Your Head (7”) Try this!
[chillwave] [retro pop]

Montauk – Kenny (Boys EP) Try this!
[electro pop] [chillwave]

Benoit & Sergio – Boy Trouble (7”) Try this!
[electro pop] [DFA]

Guerre – Fox Fur Morning (self released) Try this!
[chillwave] [very dream pop]

Rebecca & Fiona – Bullets (7”) Try this!
[pop] [szwedzka odpowiedź na Keshę]

Armoniacida – Baile Del Kiosco (self released) Try this!
[sampling] [future pop z Meksyku]

Res – Comfort of A Stranger (A Box Of Chocolates Mixtape) Try this!
[soul] [r’n’b]