Płyty 2010: 50-26


50. Belle & Sebastian – Write About Love
[indie pop] [60s revival] [Stuart Murdoch songwriting]
Try: I Want The World To Stop, Write About Love (feat. Carey Mulligan)

49. Sleigh Bells – Treats
[noise pop] [lo-fi] [łobuzerskie gitary]
Try: Tell ‘Em, Infinity Guitars

48. Caribou – Swim
[folktronica] [psychedelic pop] [smutne disko]
Try: Sun, Kaili

47. The Ruby Suns – Fight Softly
[indie pop] [melodramatyczne piosenki o miłości]
Try: Cranberry, Sun Lake Rinsed

46. Anoraak – Whenever The Sun Sets
[chillwave] [summer sound] [elektronika]
Try: Above Your Head, Don’t Be Afraid (feat. Sally Shapiro)

45. The Foreign Exchange – Authenticity
[nowe brzemienia] [neo-soul] [dobry hip hop]
Try: Make Me A Fool, Laughing At Your Plan

44. Owen Pallett – Heartland
[folktronica] [baroque pop] [inny singer/songwriter]
Try: Keep The Dog Quiet, Lewis Takes Action

43. Ellen Allien – Dust
[elektronika] [minimal] [muzyka klubowa]
Try: Our Utopie, Sun The Rain

42. Guido – Anidea
[elektronika] [dubstep] [grime]
Try: Anidea, Beautiful Complication

41. Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record
[indie pop-rock] [Kanada]
Try: Forced To Love, All To All

40. Onra – Long Distance
[neo soul] [funk] [instrumental hip hop]
Try: High Hopes (feat. Reggie B), My Mind Is Gone

39. Javiera Mena – Mena
[latynoski pop] [Chile]
Try: Luz De Piedra De Luna, Primera Estrella

38. Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest
[indie rock] [dream pop] [Bradford Cox]
Try: Desire Lines, Helicopter

37. Oddisee – Traveling Man
[instrumental hip hop] [piosenka podróżnicza]
Try: Detroit, Miami

36. Perfume Genius – Learning
[singer/songwriter] [lo-fi] [wrażliwy człowiek]
Try: Learning, Gay Angels

35. Phonique – Kissing Strangers
[house] [muzyka klubowa]
Try: Our Time Our Chance, Blindfolded (feat. Gui Boratto)

34. Delorean – Subiza
[synth pop] [summer sounds] [Hiszpania]
Try: Real Love, Grow

33. Phaeleh – Fallen Light
[elektronika] [house] [muzyka klubowa]
Try: Breathe In Air, Plateau

32. The Russian Futurists – The Weight’s On The Wheels
[indie pop] [muzyka pozytywna]
Try: Hoeing Weeds Sowing Seeds, One Night One Kiss

31. Gepe – Audiovisión
[elektronika] [latino pop] [Chile]
Try: 12 Minerales, Lienza (feat. Javiera Mena)

30. Rangers – Suburban Tours
[chillwave jakby] [lo-fi]
Try: Woodland Hills, Golden Triangles

29. Teengirl Fantasy – 7 AM
[elektronika] [chillwave] [lo-fi r’n’b jakby]
Try: Dancing In Slow Motion, Vibes

28. Scuba – Triangulation
[elektronika] [dubstep] [muzyka klubowa]
Try: Before, So You Think You´re Special

27. Baths – Cerulean
[elektronika] [neo hip hop] [Anticon]
Try: Maximalist,

26. Julian Lynch – Mare
[singer/songwriter] [psychedelic folk] [lo-fi]
Try: In New Jersey, Just Enough