Piosenki 2017: 100-81



100. Yumi Zouma – December Posłuchaj
Whatever makes you feel good take it all the same, think you should stand where I stood you’re hard to blame.

99. Beck – Up All Night Posłuchaj
I see the colors and all the kids going home, night is crawling into the day I hear my voice ringing the summertime’s singing.

98. Sally Dige – Holding On Posłuchaj
You’re not holding on to this world.

97. Kirin J Callinan – Bravado Posłuchaj
I know there’s no God above me and you know there’s no devil below but sometimes I feel so lonely I reach out, reach out to some unknown.

96. niXes – Hole In The Universe Posłuchaj
Keep my eyes open wide, never let them be so closed again, this is my place to hide and run away.

95. Algiers – The Underside Of Power Posłuchaj
Once I vanished to reappear as an object of love I’ve been ripped from the inside out and then delivered in the hands of the devil.

94. Grizzly Bear – Mourning Sound Posłuchaj
We woke with the mourning sound, it’s the sound of distant shots and passing trucks.

93. Hurray For The Riff Raff – Pa’lante Posłuchaj
Well lately, don’t understand what I am treated as a fool, not quite a woman or a man, well I don’t know I guess I don’t understand the plan.

92. Frida Sundemo – Gold Posłuchaj
Leaving the shoreline we will be kings and queens, don’t be scared, no, you’ll see, we’ll take it easy.

91. Ala ZaStary – Pilot Posłuchaj
Szarobury mętny człowiek blado-sina twarz, myśli za nim się wypowie, trwa to 100 lat.

90. Kobieta z wydm – A co jeśli Posłuchaj
A co jeśli ten smak zostanie na ustach do końca i budzić będzie w nocy, w dzień psuł będzie apetyt do słońca.

89. Kllo – Downfall Posłuchaj
Careful, can divide you, don’t dwell on behind, downfall will come before it all.

88. Kevin Morby – Baltimore (Sky At Night) Posłuchaj
Have you ever been outside headed either north or south? Could you tell me about the other side?

87. Khalid – Young Dumb & Broke Posłuchaj
We have so much in common, we argue all the time, you always say I’m wrong, I’m pretty sure I’m right what’s fun about commitment?

86. Rosalie. – Królowa Posłuchaj
Życie musi zmieniać rolkę w kasie zawsze, kiedy moje kolej jest, dzwonią szansę, nie odbieram od żadnej, jak nie znam numeru jej.

85. Joe Russell-Brown – Post-Youth Depression Posłuchaj
When we all get old we’ll be leaving out on our own, when we all get old we’ll be living round here.

84. Drynx – Windfarm Posłuchaj
I own a windfarm, it’s your fu*** fantasy.

83. Dagny – Wearing Nothing Posłuchaj
Help me please ’cause I can’t deal with clothes between us.

82. Jorja Smith X Preditah – On My Mind Posłuchaj
Why on earth would I leave if you were everything I wanted you to be?

81. Self Esteem – Your Wife Posłuchaj
I’m thinking clearly being your escape does nothing for me, so baby go and find another hobby.



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