Piosenki 2017: 80-61



80. Oneohtrix Point Never feat. Iggy Pop – The Pure And The Damned Posłuchaj
The pure always act from love, the damned always act from love, the truth is an act of love.

79. Jade Bird – Cathedral Posłuchaj
I heard it from the aisle of the cathedral, baby, I was gonna break your heart, even in the path of something lethal knew we had to stop before we started.

78. Japandroids – No Known Drink Or Drug Posłuchaj
A slow-burning sermon to have and hold her but ever since she started sleeping over, oh, Lord, I’m living like a Holy Roller.

77. Daphni – Tin Posłuchaj
I’ve always listened to dance music a lot, and I’ve always been interested in it.

76. Jim James – The World Is Falling Down Posłuchaj
The world is falling down, hold my hand, it’s a lonely sound, hold my hand, we’ll follow the breeze and go like the wind and look for a place where the willows bend.

75. Kinga Miśkiewicz – Mów do mnie w tle Posłuchaj
Szukam cię, szukam drogi na skróty, ciągle w nieswoje buty chcę wejść, może sen naprowadzi mnie nagle.

74. Ibeyi feat. Kamasi Washington – Deathless Posłuchaj
Whatever happens, whatever happened, we are deathless!

73. Σtella – I’ll Never Be Posłuchaj
If you ever need peace I’ll be near waving a white flag over the fights and the beer we will rise.

72. Better Person – Zakochany Człowiek Posłuchaj
Z twoich oczu nie pozostał nawet cień.

71. Miya Folick – Give It To Me Posłuchaj
I took my finger and I placed it in your hand and I filled my cup up with liquid of your glance.

70. Fazerdaze – Lucky Girl Posłuchaj
And the thought of you leaving gets heavier every day and my mind is deceiving what is it that I’m believing?

69. Men I Trust – Tailwhip Posłuchaj
We’ll be all right, stay here some time, this country dog won’t die in the city.

68. Negative Gemini – You Weren’t There Anymore Posłuchaj
Why do you keep coming round you know I don’t wanna see you, I’d feel better if you felt bad.

67. Joe Goddard – Home Posłuchaj
You’ve been traveling these streets for far too long, there’s no turning back, we’re here where we belong.

66. Lydia Ainsworth – The Road Posłuchaj
Channeling a velvet smile, it’s all I can take with me, I turn to wipe the windows clean in reverse it all feels so free.

65. Grace Mitchell – French Becky Posłuchaj
When you see his face don’t forget me and make the same mistakes.

64. Kelela – LMK Posłuchaj
Saw your face in my lane, fall in love everyday, you can chase it for the night there’s a place for you and I.

63. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Deadly Valentine Posłuchaj
To love and to cherish according to God’s holy ordinance, hey! If a man can show just cause why they.

62. Lali Puna – Deep Dream Posłuchaj
I should be so lucky in love.

61. Japanese Breakfast – Machinist Posłuchaj
Here’s to the night a lullaby a creepin’ a song to win your love, see me at all, throw all your aggressors on, that you want.



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