Miesiąc w Muzyce: luty 2010 (piosenki)


Broken Social Scene – World Sick
Forgiveness Rock Record LP, 2010
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Janelle Monáe – Cold War
The ArchAndroid LP, 2010
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Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfan)
Baby I’m Yours EP, 2010
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Gonjasufi – Ancestors (A Sufi And A Killer LP) Try this!
Lusine – Twilight (Twilight EP) Try this!
Emika – Drop The Other (Drop The Other EP) Try this!
Miami Horror – Sometimes (Sometimes 7″) Try this!
Lo-Fi-Fnk – Marchin’ In (Marchin’ In 7″) Try this!
Barretso – Bright City Lights (self-released) Try this!
Nice Nice – See Waves (Extra Wow LP) Try this!
The Sonnets – Sebastian Said (self-released) Try this!
The Morning Benders – Excuse (Big Echo LP) Try this!
Epstein Y El Conjuncto – A Lost Animal (feat. School Of Seven Bells) (When Man Is Full He Falls Asleep LP) Try this!
Lemonade – Lifted (Pure Mood EP) Try this!
Acrylics – Molly’s Vertigo (Molly’s Vertigo 7″) Try this!
The XX – Islands (Delorean Remix) (Islands 7″) Try this!



Gaggle – I Hear Flies (I Hear Flies 7″) Try this!
Furcast – Gray Is Old (Toghether EP) Try this!
Saadi – Bad City (Bad City 7″) Try this!
Washed Out – You’ll See It (Small Black Remix) (Split 7″) Try this!
MillionYoung – Mien (Be So True EP) Try this!
FUR – Black Castles (Black Castles EP) Try this!
Sepalcure – Every Day Of My Life (self-released) Try this!
Matt Van Schie – Saturday Night (G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix) (Style EP) Try this!
Esben And The Witch – Lucia, At The Precipice (Lucia, At The Precipice 7″) Try this!
Montauk – Holiday (self released) Try this!
The Art Museums – S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G. (Rough Frame LP) Try this!