The Essential: David Bowie



20. Velvet Goldmine (1969) Posłuchaj
Velvet Goldmine, naked on your chain, I’ll be your king volcano right for you again and again.

19. John, I’m only dancing (1973) Posłuchaj
Shadow love was quick and clean, life’s a well-thumbed machine. I saw you watching from the stairs, you’re everyone that ever cared.

18. Loving The Alien (1984) Posłuchaj
Torture comes and torture goes. Knights who’d give you anything. They bear the cross of coeuf de leon, salvation for the mirror blind.

17. All The Young Dudes (1974) Posłuchaj
Funky little boat race, television man is crazy saying we’re juvenile deliquent wrecks.

16. Rock N Roll Suicide (1972) Posłuchaj
You’re too old to lose it, too young to choose it and the clocks waits so patiently on your song.

15. The Stars (Are Out Tonight) (2013) Posłuchaj
We live closer to the earth, never to the heavens, the stars are never far away.

14. Jump They Say (1993) Posłuchaj
They say hey that’s really something, they feel he should get some time, I say he should watch his ass.

13. Rebel Rebel (1974) Posłuchaj
We like dancing and we look divine. You love bands when they’re playing hard. You want more and you want it fast.

12. Thursday’s Child (1999) Posłuchaj
All of my life I’ve tried so hard doing my best with what I had, nothing much happened all the same.

11. Always Crashing In The Same Car (1977) Posłuchaj
Every chance, every chance that I take, I take it on the road. Those kilometers and the red lights.

10. Changes (1972) Posłuchaj
Strange fascination, fascinating me, ah changes are taking the pace Im going through.

9. Young Americans (1975) Posłuchaj
Scanning life through the picture window she finds the slinky vagabond, he coughs as he passes her Ford Mustang, but heaven forbid.

8. The Man Who Sold The World (1970) Posłuchaj
I laughed and shook his hand and made my way back home. I searched for form and land, for years and years I roamed.

7. Life On Mars? (1971) Posłuchaj
Sailors fighting in the dance hall. Oh man! Look at those cavemen go. It’s the freakiest show.

6. Ashes to Ashes (1980) Posłuchaj
Smiling with the mouth of the ocean and I’ll wave to you with the arms of the mountain.

5. Modern Love (1983) Posłuchaj
There’s no sign of life, it’s just the power to charm. I’m lying in the rain but I never wave bye-bye.

4. “Heroes” (1977) Posłuchaj
We could steal time, just for one day. We can be heroes, forever and ever. What’d you say?

3. Absolute Begginers (1986) Posłuchaj
I absolutely love you but we’re absolute beginners. But if my love is your love we’re certain to succeed.

2. Sound And Vision (1977) Posłuchaj
And I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision drifting into my solitude, over my head.

1. Space Oddity (1969) Posłuchaj
Though I’m past one hundred thousand miles, I’m feeling very still and I think my spaceship knows which way to go.