Piosenki 2017: 60-41



60. Marnie – Lost Maps Posłuchaj
What you gonna do, where are you gonna go when that darkness closes on you? Is there anybody out there looking for you?

59. Saint Etienne – Dive Posłuchaj
Wanna dive in the river, wanna swim in the water, hHold my breath with the feeling.

58. liv – Hurts to liv Posłuchaj
Sometimes we forget to live and be loved ’cause it hurts to live.

57. Mery Spolsky – Alarm Posłuchaj
Wdycham wiatr, wysyłam swój oddech w świat, ty go złap i połknij głęboko, jeśli jesteś tam.

56. Sorcha Richardson – 4AM Posłuchaj
Sleep with all the windows open in the summertime, the sirens float towards my mind, do you think something here is broken?

55. Chastity Belt – Different Now Posłuchaj
Take away your pride and take away your grief and you’ll finally be right where you need to be.

54. St. Vincent – Los Ageless Posłuchaj
The Los Ageless hang out by the bar burn the pages of unwritten memoirs.

53. Vanbot – Collide (Krasnoyarsk) Posłuchaj
It’s ticking in my head and my hands are full of bullets but I didn’t mean to start a war.

52. Millie Turner – Underwater Posłuchaj
We are young, we are afraid but we are free, cool the ashes in the sand beneath your feet.

51. Molly Nilsson – About Somebody Posłuchaj
Damn, I look into your big blue eyes and I said damn, if I were a millionaire I’d buy all your lies.

50. Toro Y Moi – Girl Like You Posłuchaj
What I gotta do to find a girl who’s loving is more than true?

49. SZA – Drew Barrymore Posłuchaj
I get so lonely, I forget what I’m worth, we get so lonely, we pretend that this works.

48. The National – Guilty Party Posłuchaj
Another year gets away, another summer of love, I don’t know why I care.

47. Maggie Rogers – On + Off Posłuchaj
Take me to that place where you always go, wWhen you’re sleeping or your day takes you low so low.

46. Chinah – Even Love Posłuchaj
Time isn’t right and time isn’t fair, I can be some tangible love if you want it.

45. Belle & Sebastian – We Were Beautiful Posłuchaj
We were beautiful before we got wise.

44. British Sea Power – Bad Bohemian Posłuchaj
It’s sad now how the glass looks rather empty.

43. Kedr Livanskiy – Ariadna Posłuchaj
По венам льется горный ручей, Ты заблудился в лабиринте голых ночей.

42. HAIM – Want You Back Posłuchaj
And I had a fear of forgiveness, I was too proud to say I was wrong.

41. Ryan Adams – Doomsday Posłuchaj
As the fire burns around us in the dark, one part is the world and one’s my heart.



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